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  I’ve found that, though I like the pre-existing images on Googles Cloud- Compute Engine, I would like to make my own. Once you get a template system that is just the way you want it, you might decide that you would like to make more instances with an existing […]

Create an Image from Your Existing Instance – Google Cloud ...

So this can actually be a pain on CentOS if you don’t have a few packages installed first.  A few things to note: You must install mutt, as well as the sasl package. 1.) Install stuff, YUMmy! sudo yum install mutt postfix cyrus-sasl-plain cyrus-sasl-md5 -y 2.)Configure Mutt First, create a […]

Sending mail from the Terminal (CLI) on CentOS 7 with ...

I need a LAMP Server, STAT! Setting up a LAMP server is quick and easy.  You will need: A server, either local or cloud (Like from Digital Ocean.) A computer, internet, and a brain of some sort (your own will do fine!) NOTE: This walkthrough will assume you are using Ubuntu […]

Setup a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Server – Ubuntu ...

  I’ve found a lot of information out there on how to host WordPress through a third party, but very little on how to do it yourself.  There is some info out there, but most of it is in pieces and assumes that you already have some things in place. […]

Hosting Your Own WordPress

Instead of posting on someone else’s blog, I have finally broken down and decided to start my own.  I guess time will tell where this goes…. if anywhere!